About Taci and PPSG

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Me?  I play dress up for a living! I offer custom photography styling, find stylish pieces and share them with Y O U, frantically pin great stuff on Pinterest and {l.o.v.e} creating inspiration boards on Polyvore..purium headshot
Generally, photographers contact me to create an atmosphere or style for their clients before the day of their session.cc studio fresh jan15
Photographer provides me (Taci)  client information and I contact them and then the magic begins as we scour the net to find all kinds of clothing, prop, location, posing, makeup/hair options.
cc fresh factor jan 15
My personal style is a little of everything but that’s my own style based on my own look, my appearance and my personality. I style our clients based on THEIR own looks and their unique personality. This results in photographs that capture a persons N a t u r a l Essence. Ill-fitting clothing, colors that clash, etc are distracting and take so much away from the gorgeousness of the people in the portrait…Moreover, if a client can get real with me, tell me if there is something they are uncomfortable with, etc, I can help them round that out and move forward with a successful photo session (= less editing, Photographers!) And lets face it, it can be a little strange being photographed at first. Helping people dress up into their best selves will set the scene and produce beautiful, memorable and
I R R E S I S T A B L E images.
How does it work? Life moves fast and people planning weddings and having babies generally don’t have much time to plan how to dress for their shoot. All of my process can be done via email! I have met clients for in person styling before and am open to that too. After working with them to understand their vision, I will create a style boardI am a Lover of vintage, heart floral, fancy, industrial, reused, upcycled HANDMADE, colorful and lovely things. All lovely things. I believe Glitter makes everything just a little better. Granny Chic and classics are what tend to fit my own personal style.
At home I love to copy-craft all kinds of things for my family and friends. Mommy to 3 little ones and wife to the love of my life Soccer Guy! My current obsessions are Project Life and living as healthy as possible and Ava Anderson Non-Toxic!


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