Kim’s Shop Along Styling Adventure- my free TIPS too!

Last Friday a client and I bopped over to the mall and really indulged in a good shop along. This is a new service Amy of Tiny Toes Photography and I are launching. Kim has three totally adorable kiddos, and her littlest one arrived just three months ago. She was excited to find some new styles for herself as she gets back to normal and we had the rest of the crew to dress too!! Here is the session we styled after the birth of baby Kendal:

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Such adorableness makes for a pretty simple task! They are delightful and I see where they get it. Kim was so much fun! She really was so open to my ideas and vision.

Tip 1: I always suggest styling children and specifically the girls first. Why? Because that’s where you’ll have the most options. There is always a plethora of choices for little girls and there just isn’t as much for boys either in color or style.

Tip 2: Don’t pick one whole outfit head to toe and then move on to the next subject. We picked most of the girls items and then most of her sons items but picked his vest and the baby’s booties and big sis’ hair accessories last. I often tell moms to use Dad as the “tie together” look. This is because most dads aren’t very adventurous with outfits and there isn’t going to be a ton of options out of the ordinary gray sweater, navy plaid, etc.

photo (1)

Isn’t Kim gorgeous?!! I had to get a photo of her paying in American Eagle. I told her I was happy to shop all morning and spend her money!! So what did we pick? Well I’ll be sure to upload Amy’s gorgeous images from her blog after the session but until then here’s what we did. We started with the beautiful new baby girl addition 🙂 We loved the texture and color of this heathered one-piece outfit. There was tons of cuteness in the girl section, as always! We LOVED the baby gap vest for Big Sis! She tends to like the sporty stuff and we knew she’d wear it again. We then moved on to Crazy8 for big bro! We ended up with purples, wines, dusty rose, grays… The colors will be gorgeous on them and are so perfect this time of year. Here is the Polyvore:: (Like my new watermark curteousy of:Etsy Store Pixeled Paper Designs!)

shopalong KIM

The best moment of the day for me was when Kim was doubtful on the jeggings but good naturedly promised to try them on. I think she headed in with 6 pairs of jeans and bought the jeggings without trying another thing on. SO comfy and they looked AMAZING on her! TIP #3: American Eagle Jeans. After that we only needed to shop for unique accessories on Etsy and they are all set. Kim’s going to write up a little something for you from her perspective. I cannot wait to work with them again!! And I extra can’t wait to see what Amy does with them for the photo session! The waiting kills me!

xo, Taci

P.S. BIG NEWS after thinking about it, praying about it, talking about it, repeat, I’m going to be launching my Style Boards for sale on Etsy! More on that soon!

Berry Beautiful Brea

Berry Beautiful Brea

Jane Norman lace tank
$19 –

Embroidery top

Red top

Red top

My Family Pics 2014

My Family Pics 2014

Pink lace tank top

Crazy 8

Boys Shirt Tie Sets