No Christmas Tree…am I an evil person?

When I met Rob and he told me he was allergic to Christmas trees I considered if that was a deal breaker. Then after we had kids I realized Christmas is messy and a lot of fuss (but wonderful of course) and I started pushing off tree decorating later and later and by Dec 25th I couldn’t wait to take down the tree. This year I had an epiphany as I pushed Aleni down the Christmas isle and she oooooh’d and ahhhh’d (she’ll be a tree tipper, I know it)…


…So with that I reveal my plan: I shall persuade, coerce and naggravate my family into a new yearly tradition! We shall endeavor to different alternative Christmas tree each year! It shall be festive! It shall hold our precious decorations! It shall clean up in less than 15 minutes!

Now to vote on which tree to create and persuade the children that THIS is the way of the future. My son Athan will be the hardest to convince as he morphs into Buddy The Elf after Halloween!

Will they rise up against me?

Feel free to comment with your favorite of my possibilities as seen in these pins:

I think this may be the best we can manage this year… I especially like the ones that hold our favorite ornaments: