Why I believe everyone has S T Y L E !


I believe everyone has style. Yes, I really do.  I sometimes look at people and want to make them over not because they are horrible but it’s like I can see their style so obviously…

Knowledge of self  is a hard thing to realize and capture. Emotionally as we develop, hit high school, college, adulthood and on, it’s just…we are ever-evolving. Stylistically, understanding your own personal style and taking into account the current trends available-well- I think for a lot of people, it’s just very daunting. Take a mom for instance. She might have been super trendy in high school. Looked forward to shopping and loved to dress up. Then marriage and family sucks up her money and time and she. feels. frumpy. It can seem like a drastic hair cut, new makeup and a complete overhaul is in order and while that’s fun, it’s not usually necessary. I’ve been getting to the heart of the style discovery since my high school days. My sister and I would shop, try different combos and she would say “that’s SO you”.  She has such an awesome eye for finding style.  I’m so thankful I have her to shop with! It’s so gratifying to hear that you’ve pulled together a look that captures who you are. Does it matter?  Oh yeah, tell yourself it doesn’t and then change into your favorite jeans and see if you don’t hear your soul say “ahhhhh”.  But you can harness that in your work clothes, downtime outfits-it’s just a matter of finding it. And there are some mega yummy stores right now. Retail’s at it’s best – really getting to what we want.

While finding your style does seem daunting, it’s not impossible.  And it may not even feel like it matters to you right now.  BUT! If you are going to invest your time and your money in photography, I firmly believe, having a second opinion and someone to plan your session with (props? location and clothing are all considerations!) is not only useful it’s much more fun. If you are starting a new job, trying to get a new job, starting a new life phase, wanting a new life phase. You gotta have the look. Trust me, this journey of self-discovery will get you out of bed in a flash in the morning!

So, What does my business offer?

It offers people that option. It gives them fresh prospective on who they are and what they want. They maybe haven’t thought about that in awhile. They maybe never believed they were worth the effort. They are maybe stuck in a rut. First and foremost we work together on a style inventory to help me understand where to shop, sizes and preferences of styles. From there we create a plan and then I go find it. I’ll send a board of best picks and the client then purchases online or in-store.

Some of the other perks are not so obvious or  as tangible but they are benefits that last beyond the photo session which may be even more important.

I $ave you $$. Yes, shopping with me saves you money. I’m a bargain shopper because for a long time I wasn’t. And I learned.

  • Because I’ll show you what stores you should take a reward card from for better savings in the future.
  • Because I won’t let you buy clothes you won’t wear again (a lot)
  • Because I won’t let you buy things you don’t need. How often when you are buying clothes for a shoot (or event) do you buy an item in two colors because you can’t decide.
  • Because you might loooooove $178 jeans but I know other options that are cheaper and look awesome on you.
  • Because I will teach you how to spot trends that are sticking around and then how to shop off-season saving you more money!

I will make it fun. And all about you! And I will help you feel great! You know that overwhelmed feeling? Yes. I won’t let you get to that point. Not even close.

You might find new favorites. Once a month I hear “I have never heard of that store! I LOVE it!” or “I forgot all about that place” or “I have never seen those, how do you find this stuff?” Finding favorites is KEY to finding your personal style.

You will learn a new approach to shopping. We’ll touch on this throughout as you learn how to make the most of your naturally awesome look and your wants and preferences surface.

Want to learn more? Contact me here or via email and we’ll get started! Here’s to great style for all!!



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