Happy 2015!

My name is Taci and I am addicted to Project Life and all things plannery, listy, stickery, papery and scrap-worthy.

Join me friends and I’ll enable you and you can enable me 🙂

I think it’s generally believed that if you hit  P U B L I S H  on a goal, you pretty much have to do it right?

I haven’t gotten too strict with myself on goals the last few years. My littlest just turned 2 and my pregnancy with her and first two years, well, let’s just say the goal was that everyone got fed and periodically bathed.

She is now talking, playing, putting potty where it belongs, and all of that and I feel like slowly I can get back into the groove of me. I’ve always enjoyed new crafts and I’ve journal-ed off and on since my teen years and then, like most of us in our 30s I did the scrapbook thing… I have followed a Project Life facebook group for a long time until I recently just HAD to jump on board. This post highlights what attracted me.



There are personal goals within this project and I’m so excited! I’ll share them as I go. I completely believe and hope this will make me a more mindful and balanced mom and woman.

I fully intend to get back into Yoga. My youngest enjoys it and it’s just something that helps me feel great!

Then there is this business that I love and it requires some goal setting as well. I’d love to meet and fall in love with a Wedding Photographer because I miss styling couples. I’d love to establish a regular pattern of blogging but I also don’t want to blog just to put content out there. I DEF need to be better at networking and blessing others with feedback…

Let’s hear yours!

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