winter warm up!

Here in Minnesota, it’s C O L D ! Many of us love it here because of the weather changes. I’m fickle with fashion and just as I get tired of my clothes, a new season emerges! However, since kids have entered my scene, I don’t get to just go buy a new wardrobe for every season. And I find I am getting attached to certain looks. When I shop I often consider if what I am buying can transcend seasons. If it can, I’ll pay full price. If it’s not going to get me thru two seasons, it better come from the sale rack!
I know I’m not alone here…Do you remember that denim jacket you bought and wore all Spring and on those cool Summer nights? Get it out! And that soft ruffled blouse and the staple of 2014 the sleeveless blouse… And my own personal go-to  the plain favorite tee… Pretty much any summer top can be worn in the fall and winter simply by adding either a thicker cardigan and some bling… Try it! Normally I don’t gravitate toward florals or bright colors in the winter but since bright is in and florals are going strong, you can TOTALLY keep them around!!
I hope you enjoy the following style equation ,*) Have a style conundrum and need some advice on how to bring it into your winter ensemble… post it here or email me:
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winter warm up!

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