School Clothes Shopping! ( for those of us with winters)

I am so so so sorry I didn’t post this sooner. I had every intention of posting before the long weekend but we have a very bad, no good, rotten cold in our house and I haven’t seen this computer in many moons.


What mom doesn’t love school clothes shopping for the kids?! {Clothes for us- different story perhaps .*}

I am in Minnesota and I approach it a little differently. I promised my mom friends to share my thoughts and strategy. I hope it saves you time and money !!

Call it global warming or whatever you like but in terms of dressing the kids for back to school in September, it’s important to remember- it’s still Summer and my perception is that we’ve been having “Indian Summers” since my oldest posh started school. That means all those adorable jeans, hoodies and layered looks that are on the “back-to-school-racks” are going to sit there a few more weeks. And their Summer stuff is too small or worn out right? If having three kids over the last 8 years has taught me anything it’s to shop C L E A R A N C E as soon as you see the Back-To-School clothing deals come out.




jean skirts (add leggings and the skirt gets you thru Winter)

skinny jeans (you can roll them to do the Euro cuff look or the boyfriend roll but straight skinny leg goes with
“fashion” boots in the Winter!

graphic tees (you can layer over and under them in the Winter)

thin hoodies (because it’s cool in the morning and you can bring them out again in Spring)

Add sweaters over Summer tanks for a few more weeks!



Khaki pants that zipper off to shorts a must!! Buy 2 in every color

hoodies and tees for the same reason as girls. polos look adorbs with long sleeve tees under too!

I don’t know any little boys who don’t need new tennies after Summer 🙂

buy a few long sleeve graphic tees and put those with shorts!


I could make this a longer post I guess but really, shopping clearance and buying big is the easiest way to make sure your kids always have weather-appropriate clothing. 

Here is a Style Board to show you some ideas. Now I realize this is NEW RELEASE/full price stuff mixed in but my personal guideline is if you will get 2 seasons out of it, that’s okay.


Colorforms:  Here’s another tidbit.. How many ofyou have said you wish your kids could wear uniforms because it would make things easier? Well, just institute that idea when your shopping. Navy and khaki is the most common I think. For girls I love navy and pink together. Or navy and a bright green. If you want to shop faster, then whenever you are faced with a color decision remember your faux uniform (we’ll call this their colorform 😉 you’ll only buy things for school in pink, navy or green adding in white to break things up. Using navy again for the boys, I love orange or green or lighter blue with navy…


I’d love to hear your tricks and tidbits here or on our Pish&Posh Style Guild Facebook page!



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